KCC - sammen om København



members, including shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, nightlife, cultural actors, property owners and developers, etc.


annual networking meetings and inspiration meetings at unique commercial and cultural locations in Copenhagen City Centre.


KCC founded as a retail community and

representative for commercial and cultural life in Copenhagen City Centre.


Together, let's shape the vibrant future of Copenhagen and create a city experience, that leaves a lasting impression. Discover the pulsating energy, innovation, and limitless potential that await you in KCC.

Networking and Collaboration

Join a community of like-minded retailers, entrepreneurs and business leaders, who share a passion for creating exceptional experiences. Our exclusive networking events and platforms provide opportunities to connect, collaborate and forge partnerships, that can elevate your business.

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

Align your brand with the vibrant identity of wonderful Copenhagen. By becoming a member, you contribute to shaping the city's unique brand, attracting visitors from around the world to experience its charm and allure.

Advocacy and Influence

As a member of KCC your voice matters. We work closely with authorities, interest groups, and decision-makers to shape policies and create an optimal business environment for our members. Together, we advocate for a city that nurtures innovation and fosters growth.

City Transformation

Become part of KCC, where we - together - actively work to make Copenhagen an inviting, diverse, sustainable and attractive capital for both traders, residents, visitors, guests and the city's business community.

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